Whakaaro Kei Runga Te Araroa

Cheeeeeeer hoo

Nerdy pre hikoi riff raff

Tomorrow we start. I am nervous. I am excited. 700km, about to be clicked thru like boom boom boom

I got a little rakiraki beside me, performing a full throttle solo show for me, pecking at the grass hoping for kai. Eazy is asleep in the hostel room. Made homies with NIcki from the hostel who was taking her time, meticulously decorating the Xmas tree at Piwaka Lodge. Cosmo the cat had stolen one of the Piwaiwaka decorations and was going ham boosting around the lounge room.

I tried going to the movies before, here in Picton, but we couldn’t go because there were only 3 of us and they need at least 4 to run a screening lmao

It looks like this

“I’m walking te araroa and I made the mistake of bringing glass jars with my balms in them.”

So okay the feet are in pain, yes, and the body was not ready, shook to the core being rattled by the job it’s doing. Clicking through kilometres like boom boom boom

We are going to Nelson today to switch out our shoes because my heavy, epic leather bricks won’t be the go for the south island braided awa, and because the pair that Erin borrowed off his homie broke, literally as we were walking down the promenade to catch the ferry.

Broke, in that the sole exploded. Dry rubber disintegrated into powder just as we were about to catch the ferry over to start the trail. In a quick move, he bought a pair of trainers that the dude at the only sport shop in Picton said, “might last the Queen Charlotte, but I don’t think they’ll get you over the Richmond Ranges.”

Queen Charlotte Sunset at Black Rock Camp

So, again, we are going to Nelson.

I will get some light, strong trail runners. Erin will level up from his last minute hacks of shoes 😅

Queen Charlotte was beautiful walking. A good way to break into what’s coming next.